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In PRM we take seriously our customers needs.
That’s way we offer always new products and services about Rib Tenders, from 2 to 15m. The excellence of the brands we sale, is the guarantee that our service boats will be ready to work anytime you need for any heavy duty use of your tender.
We are official and exclusive dealer of SUR (link) the very prestigious Rib Tenders factory made in Italy. This brand offers a wide range of luxury Tenders, even with electric propulsion if you think that for you the future is already here.
Our services about Tenders are:


Please call or write us for any enquiring about Rib Tenders.


If you’re looking for a professional Chase-Boat service, with or without driver, you’re in the right web.
Since 20 years, we offer our customer, the best in terms of RIBs units and experienced Human Resources for any Tender purpose.
We’ve served the most important Sailing Teams of Maxi72 cup, TP52 cup, Wally cup, Swan cup and many more international sailing events in the Balearic Island and Mediterranean.
Our chase boats, always matches our customers needs, they never brake down and if it happens we always have a spare one to replace.
That’s way we are glad when our Team customers reflect them satisfaction repeating with our services year by year.

As well, those last years, the SUPERYACHT activity has vertically increased with always more exigent charter guests that look for an exclusive tender and a professional service.
That’s way, our super-tender service has been growing a lot lately. We offer the best of maxi luxury tender boat & RIBs and also very selected and experienced tender’s drivers.
All our super Tenders are towable, powerful and ready on request with any optional your guests may need. Some of them are also equipped with cabin and toilette for the driver for a total SUPERYACHT discrete service.

Please call or write us for any enquiring about SUPERYACHT Rib Tenders.

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