Water Eliminator

ALGAE-X® Water Eliminators remove water from fuel tanks Dry fuel is key for long term storage, eliminating and preventing microbial activity. Dry and stable fuel extends the life of filter elements, injectors and high pressure fuel pumps. It eliminates the need for toxic biocides, periodic tank cleaning, prevents corrosion, fuel

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Mobile Tank Cleaning System

Other available portable ALGAE-X products:

A high-capacity cart-mounted Mobile Tank Cleaning System to recondition, stabilize and decontaminate fuels and oil. Efficiently removes water, sludge and sediments from tanks that naturally accumulate in tanks. Operates at 1560 GPH and restores fuels and oil to their “Clear & Bright” condition, eliminates “algae” issues, clogged filters and provides optimal fuel quality for peak engine performance and reliability. Includes LGX-3000 MFC, maintenance-free centrifugal water separator/coalescer, spin-on fuel filter, and 1-gallon AFC-705 Diesel Fuel Catalyst. (230V/ 50Hz)

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Filtros ALGAE-X

The definitive solution for your Diesel engines

ALGAEX In-Line Fuel Conditioners immediately extend filter life and clean the fuel system by returning clean, conditioned fuel to the tank whenever the engines or pumps are running. They protect the injection system and extend engine life.
Trust ALGAEX Fuel Conditioners to ensure Optimal Fuel Quality at All Times!


The majority of diesel engine performance failures start in the fuel tank. This is primarily caused by the inherent instability of diesel fuel. With governmental regulation on diesel engines tightening the grip on the tolerances of your engines, organic and in-organic diesel fuel contaminants plaguing diesel fuel, and quality diesel fuel becoming less prevalent, it is no wonder that diesel engines fail so often.

Diesel, biofuels, kerosene, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and oil are inherently unstable organic hydrocarbon fluids that naturally break down. The resulting sediments, acids and tank sludge clog filter elements and corrode injection systems.


ALGAEX Fuel Conditioners stabilize and condition fuels by reducing the size and mass of clusters of fuel molecules. In combination with primary filter / water separators, fuel conditioners prevent fuel degradation and microbial contamination. They optimize fuel quality, keep tanks clean, and protect engines.

Review this Test Report that Shows the addition of an ALGAE-X MFC unit provided a:

  • 13.2% reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions
  • 11.3% reduction in CO emissions
  • 10.8% reduction in NOx emissions
  • 64.7% reduction in particulate emissions
  • 6.4% reduction in fuel consumption

If you want to review the full ALGAEX Filters test click here.

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Unity P.V.P.
 Fuel Catalyst 8 oz  € 49,95
 Fuel Catalyst 1 gall  € 499,95
 ALGAEX Filters x 200  € 198,99
 ALGAEX Filters x 500  € 348,99
 ALGAEX Filters x 1500  € 698,99
 ALGAEX Filters x 3000  € 1298,99
 Water Eliminator  € 44,98
 Tank Cleaner Kit TK 150 12v  € 399,99
 Tank Cleaner Kit TK 150 24v  € 399,99
 Mobile Tank Cleaning System  € 9.995

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